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“Through time; across oceans; good music, from around the world and into our homes. Thank you. clammbon”

  1. PRAYER (originally by Yano Akiko)
  2. That’s the Spirit (originally by Judee Sill)
  3. As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still (originally by The Soft Machine)
  4. Gaishutsuchuu (originally by SUPER BUTTER DOG)
  5. Nami Yosete (originally by Small Circle of Friends)
  6. Summer Nude (originally by Magokoro Brothers)
  7. Across the Universe (originally by The Beatles)
  8. Night Cruising (originally by Fishmans)
  9. Ikokoro Denshin – You’ve Got To Help Yourself – (originally by YMO)
  10. I Am Not A Know It All (originally by Bow Wow Wow)
  11. Kahlua Milk (originally by Okamura Yasuyuki)
  12. Odayakana Kurashi (originally by Ôhata Yûichi)
  13. I Shall Be Released (originally by THE BAND)