Micromicrophone delay, JP translation complete!

**The bad news:** the final part in Mito’s solo-project trilogy, micromicrophone, has been delayed by a week until December 13. That’s extra bad news for me, because I ordered 3 Peace, the LOTUS GUITAR album, the Sun Calls Stars album, and Mito’s second and third solo albums, all at once. So I won’t get to hear any of them until micromicrophone is ready. There’s a nice apology at the [official clammbon site](http://www.clammbon.com), though, explaining that they took some more time to get the sound just right.
**The good news:** My translation of the lyrics to [JP](http://dramatickers.com/1999/10/jp.html) is finally complete! I had meant to start by translating JP in its entirety (as mentioned in the [first news post ever](http://dramatickers.com/2003/10/open.html), uh, *three years ago*), but I somehow missed one song, and then I started choosing from all of the various albums as the fancy found me, so I never got around to finishing that one. So, this is the first clammbon album to be fully translated.
I count 38 more clammbon songs to translate, not to mention all of the side projects. So far 28 have been translated, so that puts me at 42.4% of the way there! Wooop! I have kind of been holding off on trying to get any attention from clammbon themselves until the translations are complete, but maybe I need to work faster if I ever want to reach that point.